Supporting the Mind Episode 2


When Nicole was young, she had to experience the tension of a difficult marriage of her parents. Because of that, she placed it upon herself to be responsible to help fix her parents' marriage, trying her very best to be the perfect daughter in their eyes.

As she grew up, pressure began to mount when she started working in an organisation that she was ill-fitted. Things finally took its toll when her parents decided to file for a divorce, leaving her life spiraling into its lowest point. Eventually, leading her helplessly into the clutches of depression.

After struggling to recover, she eventually decided to seek help through medication and counseling. Recovering well from the condition, she'd find herself succumbing to it again years later. But today, with her strong will and support from her loved ones, Nicole is once again back onto the journey of recovery, becoming the founder and editor of The Tapestry Project.

Hear Nicole share her journey of recovery, and how she transformed her life from her darkest point, into one of sunshine and positivity today.


Supporting Creative Metal Illness Therapies:

Traditionally, medication and psychotherapy (individual intervention) are the common means to treat patients diagnosed with mental illness. To enhance the effectiveness and responsiveness of mental illness treatments, it is critical to consistently find new and creative intervention means.

This year, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, New Union Singapore, China and Taiwan are proud to step forward to support Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH).

To pioneer the cause of creative mental illness therapies, through the sponsorship of Project Outdoor: an inaugural project that seeks to leverage the great outdoors to support patients-in-recovery's journey towards mental wellness.

Because, everyone of us at New Union believe in not only helping businesses/people realise dreams, but also giving back to the society too.


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