Alfred Auto Invest v2

Who is Alfred?

Alfred is a preference-based Auto Invest feature in your dashboard that allows you to decide in advance how much you wish to invest in a deal so that you can get your funds allocated the instant a deal goes online.

What can Alfred do?

You can get Alfred to allocate your funds according to the following settings:

  • Interest range
  • Interest tenure
  • Funds allocation limit
  • Industries

There are situations where the number of investors who wish to pledge their funds is greater than the available crowdfunding request amount asked for, as such, it is possible that Alfred is unable to successfully allocate your funds into the deal.

Alfred auto invest enables a priority loan participation of up to 65% with the remaining made available via usual subscriptions.

Where can I activate Alfred?

Upon logging into your account, click on ‘Alfred Auto Invest’ at the bottom left corner of your dashboard to access the feature.

At the Alfred Auto Invest page, click on the ‘Add Rule’ button.


Now the fun part. Give your rule a name, in the screenshot example above, we’ve named it ‘My Preference’.

Next, set your rule! Adjust it in accordance to your own preference!

Here, you can see that we’ve set the

a) Interests Range to 10% – 20%
b) Interest Tenure to 6 – 9 months
c) Allocation Limit up to $2000
d) Industries to All

To activate this rule (in this case, ‘My Preference’), select ‘Yes’ under ‘Enable this Rule’.

In this rule, you have instructed Alfred to invest in any deal that has an interest rate from 10 – 20% and a tenure from 6 – 9 months. If there is any deal that satisfies both conditions, Alfred would allocate any amount from $1000 to $2000 into the deal. An SMS will be sent to alert you when Alfred has successfully pre-allocated your funds into a crowdfunding deal.

You should review the factsheet of the loan.

If you wish to cancel the investment that Alfred has made, you may do so by clicking on the ‘Cancel Auto Investment’ button as per the screenshot above. The cancellation feature is only valid before and during the crowdfunding stage.


When should I activate Alfred?

You should activate Alfred now so that he will be ready to invest your funds in the next up and coming deal! Alfred auto invest enables a priority loan participation of up to 65%, with the remaining made available via usual subscriptions.

Let Alfred help you invest your funds today!