5 Singapore Celebrity Entrepreneurs Give Their Best Advice On Scaling Up Businesses

singapore celebrity entrepreneurs

Are you ready to scale your business? 

So you've done well for your business so far. By now, you probably had some good traction with your business and you're looking to scale it up quickly. 


For most entrepreneurs, there are plenty of things to think about when you scale - from how to increase sales, to talent management, creating processes and even hiring people. 

We've spoken with 5 of Singapore's most successful celebrity entrepreneurs to help guide you on their best business advice when scaling up.

Zhen Ling Tiara Bridal

Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Don't be jealous of people whom you think have it easy in their lives. The journey to scaling up a business can be long, tiring and challenging, and successful people never had their journey easy. Be willing to work for it.

Create a system, implement it and stick to it faithfully. Stay focused. Be disciplined. Enjoy the journey.

Pornsak Porn's Sexy Thai Food
Ben Yeo Play Kitchen

Believe in your partners and systems. The road to success is never easy, and there's no elevator to success. But eventually, when you have the right group of people, processes and passion, you will work hard enough for it. By then, success will be waiting for you.

You can expand when you know who you can depend on. In business, most people will come and go, but there are some who are in it for long term. Once you know who these people are, you're ready to scale up.

Vincent Ng Wufang Wushu School
Lee Teng Owner of AIR (Hair Saloon)

If you want to scale up, it is important to have a dedicated team of management who is willing to fight and sacrifice their private life in order to succeed. So put together the right team of partners and colleagues who are all aligned to the same vision

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