The SeedIn Team Is Growing!

We are pleased to announce the formation of 3 new departments – SeedIn Represents, SeedIn Connect & SeedIn Mamashop. Each department is formed with the objective of better catering to the specific interests of users on the SeedIn’s platform.

SeedIn Represents

SeedIn Represents is the voice of the community. In accordance to our philosophy of seeing customers as shareholders, this group of ambassadors advocate for and represent SeedIn members. To bring up any possible issues that they may face during their investment experience with SeedIn and also any features that they would like us to implement.

Additionally, a special taskforce will be formed to look extensively into investor welfare. Its aim is to exceed all expectations pertaining to investor satisfaction and experience on the SeedIn platform.

SeedIn Connect

SeedIn Connect’s primary focus is to bring value to business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level. This includes:

  • WeConnect – People to Businesses Seminar is a great opportunity for people to link up with businesses, a platform that provides business owners with opportunities to speak about & showcase their service or product to event attendees and other businesses.The next WeConnect Seminar is taking place on the 16 of August, 2019 – Stay tuned for further details about the event!

SeedIn Mamashop

We’re re-naming the SeedIn Store to something you and I can all better relate to – the SeedIn Mamashop. Perfect for avid shoppers who are always on the lookout for exclusive deals online.

The SeedIn Points system will also undergo an enhancement. Come late Q3, users will have added abilities to earn SeedIn points through various actions taken in the app, such as investing on a deal or after purchasing an item in SeedIn Mamashop.


We know that you’ll be as excited as us to see these updates being rolled out. So tell us!

Which SeedIn Department are you most excited about?

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