New Union, CoAssets and FundedByMe form Tripartite Alliance in Singapore


One month ago, New Union was featured on various news agents such as Yahoo!, The Business Times, The Straits Times and Deal Street Asia on the official establishment of Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance formed by New Union, CoAssets and FundedByMe, with the aim to grow the crowdfunding scene in Southeast Asia.

Through pooling of resources, the alliance aims to boost crowdfunding as an alternative financing scheme for local SMEs and start-ups, and an additional platform of investment for investors.

New Union, CoAssets and FundedByMe will continue to “exist independently and separately, but will pool their resources and network and play off one another’s ‘unique strengths’ in different industry verticals.”, reported The Business Times.

With each of their expertise and experience in different crowdfunding backgrounds, the alliance will serve as an alternative financing scheme for local SMEs and Entrepreneurs.

Towards the end of the year, the alliance partners will be combining efforts to kick-start a combined project in the industry. More information will be revealed nearing the date. 


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