New Union Partners with Truewealth Publishing Asia


In today's world, any insights to the near future are valuable assets for anyone to invest with confidence. 

This is why we diligently strive to provide you with a comprehensive view on regional and global investment opportunities across asset classes. 

These insights come from the most senior investment specialists around the world, and here at New Union, we have been honoured to have them present their incisive perspectives at our recent inaugural Invest Vision.

Today, we're excited to announce a partnership with Truewealth Publishing Asia, an industry-leading investment research firm known for their future-focused articles and analysis of key investment themes. 

Kim Iskyan, founder of Truewealth Publishing Asia said, "This is a great partnership for us.

"We live in a world with too much information and not enough solutions. And this problem is compounded by too many people who are eager to help you invest your money in a way that will line their pockets instead of yours.

"We started Truewealth Publsihing because we want to give you independent insiders' insights without any hidden agenda."

With this partnership, New Union's members will automatically start to receive bi-weekly e-mail newsletters from Truewealth's best content.

Members who wish to receive daily investment newsletter from True Wealth Asia can visit their website at

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