Ivan Lee - Part 4


“The key metric is how much value I have added to the people I care about.” – John Kaufman

Is it always true that most entrepreneurs end up compromising time spent with their loved ones? How then can Entrepreneurs achieve a successful marriage and family life? In this second last episode of Ivan Lee’s Established Entrepreneur Series, he shares his views on work-life balance. What makes him feel a sense of accomplishment in life beside work? It is the ability to keep his family together, helping and providing for their comfort. If someone tells you that money can do all things, even buying kinship, he’s wrong. To build a successful and blissful family life, you reap what you sow; how much time and effort are you willing to put in?

Ivan simply puts across the fact that everyone can have a successful family life. It boils down to how the individual views the situation. It starts with the fact that you are not going to get married again, so you have got to put in the effort to make things work. If your brain tells you that if things don’t work out, you can easily find another partner, it will happen, because you gave yourself that option. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When it comes to work, Ivan rationalises his theories and principles wisely. In order to measure success, you need to know your benchmark. Who are you measuring against? And at which point would you tell yourself that “This is where I want to be”?  Determination is important, but one must differentiate it from being delusional. 

If you invest in some things and you don’t see any progress over a prolonged period of time, that is a good sign that you should end it, said Ivan Lee. If you are wondering, progress does not always mean profit. As long as you still see some movements or any signs of life, that’s okay. Keep it going, you might just be on the right track to your first breakthrough. 

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