Ivan Lee - Part 5


What is a typical day in Ivan's life like?

Hear what he has got to say about the recent trend of disruptive businesses that challenge the normal ways of doing things. Think Uber, Grab Tax and Whatsapp.

Hopping onto this trend of disruptive businesses are crowdfunding and financing business models that challenge and change the way people perceive how SMEs get financing for their businesses.  These business financing and crowd-financing platforms play a role that the big players like Bank institutions and government grants can’t play, said Ivan, who invested in New Union – an online Business Financing Platform.

Strongly believing in the quote, “The time to relax, is when you don’t have time for it,” the work-oriented achiever, Ivan often finds the time to escape from his daily stress, commitments and obligations through Meditation. It is also where inspirations and small thoughts come his way through focus and relaxation.

Ivan also urges every individual to go after life, to do the things that you dream of, contributing to the world and spreading happiness around.

As we come to an end of Ivan Lee’s final episode of the Established Entrepreneur Series, Ivan shares with us another of his quote and may this be your inspiration to keep going - “Always push yourself one step further, and when you get there, push yourself one step further again, because life is short.” – Ivan Lee

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