Supporting the Mind Episode 1


At a tender age, Rosalind suffered from severe psychological stress. She would inflict physical pain on herself as a form of relief to the mental torment she is facing. As time goes by, physical pain no longer made her feel better, negative emotions bottled up in her did not go away, sanity slowly fades away. And the only way out is death, she decides.

Watch the video to find out how she ascend from the deep abyss to the light.


Supporting Creative Metal Illness Therapies:

Traditionally, medication and psychotherapy (individual intervention) are the commonly used to treat patients diagnosed with mental illness. To enhance the effectiveness and responsiveness of mental illness treatments, it is critical to consistently find new and creative intervention means.

This year, in conjunction to celebrate the Lunar New Year, New Union Singapore, China and Taiwan is proud to support such a cause through Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH). It seeks to advocate the use of creative treatment projects/programs to enhance recovery journeys.


Watch the Supporting the Mind episodes here: 

Supporting the Mind Trailer

Supporting the Mind Ep 1: Rosalind

Supporting the Mind Ep 2: Nicole

Supporting the Mind Campaign 



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