Eddie Lee - Part 3


What's your Entrepreneur Spirit? For Eddie, an avid Muay Thai Sportsman, it was the humility to learn and the perseverance to succeed.

Watch the third part of Eddie's series and be inspired.


About Eddie 

What are the chances of moving up if you are born poor? For Eddie, Managing Director of New Union, the answer was clear. Despite not being born wealthy, Eddie strived towards his own success, determined that he wanted to be a boss one day, not just a salary man.

Right after National Service, in 2004, he started Edifice Pte Ltd, a one-man-branding consultancy and web design firm. Over the first year, he turned over $53,000 and within seven years, the turnover grew sevenfold to $400,000.

With the wealth of IT knowledge he whelms, coupled with his passion and determination, he was appointed the IT Director of New Union Singapore in 2014, where he spearheaded his IT team to initiate and implement technological innovations for the company. Subsequently, he was appointed as the Managing Director in 2015.

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