Mr Sok - Part 1


With great POWER comes great RESPONSIBILITY.

Established Entrepreneur, Mr Sok Hang Chaw, founded Kingsland Development 40 years ago coincidentally, and it was also his humility and passion in what he does which brought him to where he is today – a successful Entrepreneur and a responsible leader.


Starting a business is not solely about making money. To Mr Sok, the responsibility towards his job and his fellow workers matter more.

“When you are just a worker, you are responsible for your family and your own living. When you become a leader, you are responsible for all your workers’ living and their families,” says Mr Sok.


About Kingsland Development 

Kingsland Development has established its reputation and brand name as a trusted and reliable real estate developer in Singapore and Malaysia. Founded in 1974, Kingsland has since grown from a boutique construction company with very strong in-house builder expertise, into a sophisticated and innovative multi-sector real estate Developer. With aspirations to become the envy of the real estate industry and partner of choice for property development in Asia, Kingsland constantly strives to create value for all our stakeholders, and ensure a strong fundamental growth through the ups and downs of business and property cycles.

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