Joni Lim - Part 1


"Defeat is not the work of failure. Not to have tried is."

Joni Lim, the Managing Director and Founder of Prominent Land, a land developer, started off her entrepreneurship journey when she began a boat-chartering business with her sister. It being their first venture, they dived in without much thought, thinking that they were ready to embark their entrepreneurship journey. However, things didn’t turn out to be what it was, and Joni had to put it to a stop.  

After her first setback, Joni grew as a young entrepreneur and her entrepreneurial spirit grew even stronger. As a young entrepreneur, having the humility to learn and to heed people’s opinions are important ingredients to success. You have got to learn how to put down your ego in order for you to be teachable.

Most importantly, Joni emphasised the importance of doing sufficient market research and proper planning before you dive into any industry.  


About Prominent Land

Prominent Land is a land developer with the vision to make a prominent difference to the way people live, work and play, by creating extraordinary living spaces and inspiring landmarks. Prominent Land collaborates closely with a dedicated team of like-minded architects, interior designers and real estate marketers who has an eye for details.

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