Mark Tan


Family business is difficult and any second generation business owners will tell you that the pressure to be good at what you do is always there. Mark Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd, a World Class Geomancy Consultancy Firm, says about the struggles and difficulties he faced when he took over his father’s business as the CEO.

Mark found himself stuck in the middle between two stand points, the traditional craft and the business. While in the Feng Shui business, they are expected to follow the traditions of the craft, there’s constantly pressure to innovate and keep up with the trend from the business viewpoint.

Most people assume that second generation business owners are good at the business even before they take over. However, no matter his capacity and status, he needs to know and learn the business from the very beginning before mastering the tricks of the trade.

The longer a company has been established, the more complex a system becomes and change would be ever more difficult, even if necessary.  Mark’s word of advice is to be more charismatic and influential than the founder himself by displaying more leadership.  

Sometimes, it is not about overcoming problems, but powering them through.

“The fruit of labour is only sweet to those who overcome the challenges that come before.”


Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd’s Background

Established in 1984, Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd is the largest professional Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore. By integrating ancient Feng Shui knowledge with the latest in quality management, Way OnNet provides accuracy, dependability and high quality in their services. With more than 28 years of history, Way OnNet has been providing excellent and trustworthy services to their clients, earning prestige amongst their wide international cliente which includes Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Europe, USA and other Southeast Asian countries. 

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