Behind the BRDGE Logo

“So you’re a bridge between SMEs and investors?” he asked. “We are,” we replied.

This question by an investor was raised during one of our WeConnect events and had us thinking about how we can position ourselves to serve SMEs regardless of their size, and investors better. Ultimately, leading to the change of our name to BRDGE.

The logo shows a suspension bridge which acts as a means of direct connectivity between a gap, providing the ability to transport vehicles both large and small, thereby growing the relationship between parties on both sides. In our case, investors and SMEs come in different sizes and we connect and facilitate the exchange of value between them. 

The letter ‘I’ is intentionally removed from ‘BRIDGE’ to give it additional emphasis and form the pylon of the logo. In engineering terms, the pylon is a critical piece of the bridge, supporting and holding all the pieces together.

Similarly, the “I” can be used interchangeably to represent BRDGE, investors and SMEs , with each serving as the linkway whilst connecting the other two parties together and foster growth for the entire community.

BRDGE: Bridges investors to SMEs, allowing investors access to alternative investment options
Investors: Bridges SMEs with funds to carry out their business operations
SMEs: Bridges investors to their products and services

Lastly, the three colours were chosen for the logo to personify the 3 parties involved, BRDGE, investors and SMEs – together, we are better.


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