Bruce Lye and Benson Koh


It’s all about the experience; everything in life, regardless of what you do. That’s the belief that Bruce and Benson hold strongly to when growing SRI5000 organically from a team of 37 to over 400 realtors.

Believe in the power of people, says the both of them, as without the people, they couldn’t have come so far, having to juggle all aspects of the business, from Developments, to Sales and Marketing.

It has been 5 years of learning and excelling, and Bruce and Benson found great synergy with each other in this Entrepreneurial Partnership and the greatest ideas often birthed from quality conversations and discussions. Communication is key; and so is complementing each other’s skill sets.  

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have passion in what you do, because when you enjoy doing what you believe so strongly in, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour one day.

Besides passion, the values of an Entrepreneur are essential as they mould the values of your business. Have integrity and humility, and you will find that the people will be willing to help you.

Bruce and Benson shared that many people are afraid to take a step of faith into the Entrepreneurial journey, despite having great ideas.

Always set milestones for yourself and make sure that all your milestones are hit, step by step. Things might not succeed immediately all the time, but the experiences learnt along the way will propel you forward and you will succeed eventually. It is just a matter of time.

"Take the step of faith, to do something because you enjoy doing it."


SRI5000's Background

SRI5000 is a group of companies focusing mainly in Singapore real estate market in fields of developments, marketing and investments. With over 380 Realtors in the team and many local accolades and testimonies to our track records, SRI5000 has a strong network of regal clients and results to speak for in terms of building excellence and procurement know how.

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