Ivan Lee - Part 3


What makes a good entrepreneur?

Good entrepreneurs don’t come easy. Many people see the glitz and glamour of an entrepreneur life.  Success is often amplified and on the contrary, failures are minimized. 99.9% of the entrepreneurs go through mountains of failures, and that’s what makes them successful. It is precisely the point that they have the ability to bounce back from their failures.

Ivan has met many business partners or friends who thought that he had it easy since he married a family that is wealthier than his family. His father in law is a successful and generous businessman and helped him to open his first Thai Express business. However, a couple of hundred dollars is what he took to build his business. Leaving by his books and morals, Ivan turned down a $5 million penthouse from his father in law and strongly believes in working hard to create something that truly belongs to him.

Sometimes, it isn’t so much about the amount of money you started with for your business. Life has to have meaning and it is the experiences, learning journey which shape your life value. Effort, it being your own, it makes who you are, and you know how deep and how far you can go. You can learn, and you can grow.

“Do I live a meaningful life now? I do. Because it’s a life that I chose.”  - Ivan Lee

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