Lee Teng

Many people are familiar with his wacky image, hence it might come as a surprise when Lee Teng mentioned about his struggle with fame when he first started out in showbiz industry.

His mother, who worked as a designer and tailor, had never wanted Lee Teng to follow her path because "it was too difficult". But since young, he had enjoyed entertaining (mimicking radio presenters) his grandfather.

However, he did not plan to enter the showbiz. When he won in a competition, he was thrilled to become a program host. But he had no idea how to become an 'artiste'. His image was messy, and he did not know where he could find a hair stylist to sponsor his styling.

Then he met Ark Lin, who was willing to work with him and gave him much confidence. They had since worked as partners, and eventually started a hair salon – Air Salon, a year ago.

Although people would think that as an artiste, Lee Teng is probably only lending his fame to the business. But as a business graduate, Lee Teng believed in analyzing and working out the details. When business was not doing well, he worked with the team to come out with solutions to keep the business going.

He studies the market carefully, and has many interesting insights to share about starting a business.

Watch the video to know more about what Lee Teng feels about the current investment landscape of Singapore.

Do you agree with Lee Teng on the 3 key factors to succeed in business?


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