Ben Yeo


Since young, Mediacorp artiste Ben Yeo had always had the "entrepreneurial spirit" in him. Soon after he completed his studies, he started exploring business opportunities and hoped to become a boss eventually.

Initially, he felt that starting a business was like realizing a dream. He had a passion for fashion and had wanted to start a business with his knowledge about fashion. After successfully putting together the start-up capital, he went ahead and opened a shop with his friend who had the same interest.

Unfortunately, the first business venture did not work out too well in the beginning. Ben had to take up loose jobs to maintain the business, and it included being a pest controller during the shop's non-operating hours. Though he enjoyed what he did, but the going was tough. It made Ben realize that starting a business is not an easy feat.

After realizing that careful planning is essential for the business to become successful, Ben decided to start another business venture in the fashion industry again. But due to reasons beyond his control, his second venture failed again.

Undaunted, Ben is now managing his third venture. This time, he chose to do his business in the F&B industry. After the two failed experience, he tells himself to be more realistic and careful.

For all aspiring entrepreneurs and those who are interested into starting a business, watch the video as Ben Yeo shares his experiences about his failures, and how he managed to overcome the difficult times. He also tells about tips on starting a business and the necessary reality checks you should conduct before you decide to become your own boss.


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