Vincent Ng

Martial arts world champion Vincent Ng became an actor after winning at the Mediacorp's Star Search Awards. He soon rose to fame as an accomplished artiste, winning the hearts of audiences.

However, he had not forgotten his passion for Martial arts. It is through this sport that he learnt the moral values that made him stronger, and he had wished to share with more people about good of martial arts.

The business started off as a joint venture with Mediacorp Academy. He began to train potential students, and continued to develop and expand the business. As this was the first time he tried to start a business, Vincent devoted most of his time into the venture.

For many years he doubled as the boss and the main trainer, and as business expanded he had to deal with many administrative work and learnt how to be in a management position. His passion is the best motivation that pushes him to work an extra mile for his students, and he believes that with passion for your work, you will be able to persevere and overcome all kinds of hurdle to become successful.

Vincent thinks that you can learn more than martial arts in this sport, watch the video and find out more!


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