After a few successful series of variety hosting, local TV host Pornsak decided to start his business of a Thai food chain – Porn's Sexy Thai Food, 4 years ago.

Though he grew up in Singapore, Pornsak still feels close to heart with his hometown. He returns to Bangkok often to visit his family, and knows Thai food culture very well. When he decided to venture into the F&B industry, he is delighted to be able to work on something he is familiar with.

He admitted that when he started his first shop, he did it on impulse. But he feels that sometimes, you need to do something on impulse, and not think too much about it. Of course it is important to calculate risk and plan wisely, but over-thinking might work as a hindrance to stepping out of the comfort zone.

On the first day of opening, he was shocked that there was no one at the shop. Without any customers, he felt jittery and decided to think of ways to lure his customers.

Don't miss out on this video, as Pornsak shares his journey of success, and also the DNA of entrepreneurship.


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